Eye of Argon acronymer

"Without a tagline since 2010"

What is this?

This page takes the whole text of The Eye of Argon and compiles a list of words (which have more than three letters.) It then generates an acronym based on the input string you provide. It's not intelligent enough to work out what is a noun, verb or adjective, but then again it makes about as much sense as the original text.

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Others' undulations

SAMSUNGELECTRONICSSiezure Agafnd Mangled Small Ulations Nearing Giant Estimated Luxuries Explain Cherry Thirtyeighth Reeking Opposing Necks Infinitely Carthena Swaying
MACEMetal Appropiate Chisled Efforts
MACEMeaning Attesting Cutlasses Exhausted
MACEMenacingly Arced Countryside Escape
MACEMultiplied Active Coral Engraved
MACEMarvel Affairs Curiosity Ecordian
MACEMean Adequately Clashing Eyeball
FACEFauceted Aside Corded Enshrouding
SATURDAYSpawned Amazing Trooted Upraised Rays Daughter Agonized Yokel
SICKSymbol Intensity Called Kneels
BASHBowling Action Sections Hawkbill
GEEKGroveling Extended Excellence Knowledge
CELEBRATECrin Edges Loudly Ensnared Buckles Room Affections Toneaye Event
DRINKDiety Refering Influences Noticable Keys
FUNFates Upcurved Numbing
NERDNerelady Even Revolution Directed
PARTYPushing Adventure Rummage These Yawkishly
ACRONYMAlive Crazed Reflecting Obtained Nauseated Year Mounds
JASAJagged Affairs Sounds Argonby
CONANRIPOFFContorting Orangewhite Nails Agile Nearby Raised Immediate Paths Oaken Fellow Fires
GHUIGoal Hence Uneasily Infested
XAVExclaimedsargon Adventure Vicelike
WHUTWillingness Headlong Unconquerable Teach
VFDVicious Flinging Depths
OEJKXLWEJOnslaught Engulfing Jaws Knees Explain Lush Widened Encounter Jewel
SENJFLSSeldom Exact Noregolean Juicy Fashoned Locks Stocky
NADYANeeds Ahead Direction Yourself Alternately
LASKALustrous Armour Stones Known Amazing
RENATRimof Erected Nostrils Aglow Treaded
AIDANAppear Influences Dead Aglow Nostrills
ATLASArticles Task Leash Appropiate Still
ROZMINRadiance Overwrought Zealous Mane It's Notice
ALASAppilevered Left Atmosphere Scent
LLTFSMLimits Limits There Facing Shape Mind
LLTFSMLuxuriated Lost Though Forced Should Means
LLTFSMLuxuriant Limbed Tempting Fermenting Spikes Minds
LLTFSMLeashing Less Tappered Flung Swiveled Mean
LLTFSMLusting Lings Tables Furiously Smote Muttered
LLTFSMLazily Latters Trying Fragments String Moment
LLTFSMLimbs Lower Thrusting Fumes Strewn Molars
LLTFSMLooses Length Tall Flecking Sobs Many
LLTFSMLeashing Leprosy Tormentor Foetid Surrounding Momentarily
LLTFSMLouder Lessoning Thews Flaking Stygian Mein
LLTFSMLobes Lever Toward Freely Shock Momentarily
LLTFSMLeaving Looped Things Fight Same Maddened
LLTFSMLever Left Torture Forms Soldiers' Mind
LLTFSMLings Luminescence Tive Farther Spoke Molars
LLTFSMLost Laces These Filth Stoney Margin
LLTFSMLeft Lustrous Transfixing Facing Spoke Maze
LLTFSMLeft Learn Theden's Femaleonly Sections Minds